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    Ipod earbuds keychain - earbuds mic mute

    The annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in Denver is always a perfect place to showcase new products and this year was no exception. At recent RMAF events, HeadRoom has introduced the grand DENON AH-D7000 headphones to the audio world and our own Audiophile Desktop system; the big news this time around was the release of the Grado GR10 in-ear headphones, the new top model in Grado Lab’s audiophile in-ear series, which were also available for first listen exclusively at our HeadRoom RMAF booth. A noticeably distinct sonic upgrade over the less expensive Grado GR8 model, the GR10 earphones present an intensely clear sound with very extended upper mids/highs definition and a tight, taut bass response without a trace of boom or murk. Our HeadRoom tables were packed non-stop for 3 days with Grado fans and audio lovers oohing & aahing over the precision tone and classic Grado "signature sound" they heard in the GR10. For seekers of that famous high-end Grado acoustic experience, the GR10 will deliver the closest approximation of their upscale RS-line headphone sound in a highly efficient (32 Ohm) audiophile in-ear design that requires no headphone amp for great performance. Choice stuff as expected from John Grado and his Brooklyn-based, family-run manufacturing team. Huge HeadRoom thanks goes to Grado Labs, John Gritton, Head-Fi.org and all RMAF 2010 attendees for making this our most successful Rocky Mountain Audio show yet! Please visit HeadRoom’s website to purchase your Grado GR10

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