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    The Good The Spracht Aura Mobile BT is a multifunctional Bluetooth speakerphone. It can be used as a Bluetooth speakerphone with your cell phone, with your computer for VoIP calls, or with your regular cordless phone handset. It also has excellent sound quality with noise-reduction and echo-cancellation features. The Bad The Spracht Aura Mobile BT is a little on the large side, and has a high price tag. You can’t make calls from the speakerphone, and there is no USB charging. The Bottom Line The Spracht Aura Mobile BT is a great, portable, multifunctional speakerphone that can be used with cell phones, VoIP calls, or just a normal cordless phone. Its excellent sound quality and ability to be used in the car as a hands-free device make it even more compelling. However, the lack of a USB charger and the inability to make calls from the device may not be worth the high price tag. Visit manufacturer site for details.

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